Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ever Cold

I wish I had a picture that captured the eerie fog hanging in the bitterly cold air - this is as close as I can get, although you can just barely make out the exhaust hanging in the air near the trucks and ski-doos or the general fog in the distance. Since this time, its warmed up to a balmy -34C, however, the wind has picked up until nearly 30 km/h and so the resulting windchill is still near -50 C. Personally, I'll take cold and calm over chilly (if that is how you'd describe -34 C) and windy. We did see the northern lights, but by the time I was back near my camera they had faded. I'm still hoping to get a picture soon.

For those who don't follow my blog regularly, I've been honoured with a nomination with 4 other blogs - for Best Nunavut Blog 2010. The voting ends tomorrow afternoon, so anyone wishing to cast a vote for this blog or any of the 4 other blogs nominated for Best Nunavut Blog 2010, 5 blogs nominated for Best New Blog in Nunavut 2010 or 2 blogs running for Best Post 2010 - please go ASAP to The House and Other Arctic Musings and cast your vote.

I'd like to congratulate a wonderful and amazing friend on the healthy birth of her daughter. I'm having one of those days when I wish the North was closer to the South, so that I could go visit and meet the new interloper, but I'll have to wait until the summer. In the meantime, my brothers should continue to supply me with pictures of their wonderful and charming children.

In cooking news, I made Spinach Salad for the first time ever based on a recipe from "Icebergs & Belugas" by Helen Webber & Marie Woolsey. They are connected with a series of fly in lodges on Hudson's Bay north of Churchill, Manitoba. I love them because not only do the have the kind of wonderful recipes that you'd only get to eat at a first class bed and breakfast type place, but they, being fly in places, don't tend to use impossible to get ingredients. Seeing how my ability to aquire ingredients is limited by food mail and what is available in the northern - where there is a much better selection of french fries and frozen pizza then there is squash - it is nice to have a cookbook that doesn't require you to have saffron or fresh starfruit. The recipe: Spinach, Apple & Peacan Salad was modified to accomodate available items to: Spinach, Apple, Strawberry, Red Onion and Almond Salad with a Honey Dijon dressing - made of olive oil (6tbsp), Honey (2 tbsp), Dijon Mustard (2 tbsp), Lemon Juice (2.5 tbsp) and a bit of pepper - basically a doubling of their dressing recipe with a little extra lemon juice. This is the fourth book - Cranberries and Canada Geese, Blueberries and Polar Bears and and Black Currents and Caribou are the other three main books that they've put out and I've yet to make anything from any of them that went wrong. Their website can be found here. I wish I'd taken a picture of it before we ate it as I'm really hurting for photos right now.

I hopefully will have some more new pictures soon. Until the next time..... :D have a good rest of your Sunday


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