Thursday, March 03, 2011

Breaking News: George R.R. Martin has Release Date for "A Dance with Dragons"

Yes! It is true Geoff (I'm totally writing this post just for you).... the next book is nearly written enough that the publishers have declared a date.  George R.R. Martin even updated his Fire and Ice Update section!  (Those who have been here before will remember that he had a note saying he was sick of writing about how he didn't know when he'd be done and that he'd post only when he had something to update about) But it is not the last book in the series... so no promises that the series will ever get finished.

Having just read the Stieg Larsson books, you can't help but worry that a premature death my prevent Martin from finishing... lets hope not... as I really wish that the next book of that other series was published and not lost in the midst of legal battles.  Not to mention the 6 that apparently will never be written.

In other news, I am still around, but insanely busy for the next few weeks... likely to lay low generally with respect to posting. Its not really interesting busy, just plain old busy.

Its a whirlwind of a week ahead, going to keep kicking and hope my head stays above water.

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