Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Comings and Goings

I just found a wonderful collection of healthier Baked Goods - thanks to my Mom - as well as some good healthy living/eating resources for different ages and such. Here is the link:

I'm excited to try them out.

There is not much going on... I'm teaching subjects that I like... weather, mapping, the nervous system and fluids. A good mix of practical and technical.

But, not much to say today at all - save that my coffee is good, my mood is good and its still bitterly cold, but the coldness really hasn't affected me given my short walk to work and limited need to go anywhere else unless I want to. I guess the only thing I'm hurting for is fresh photos. I apparently missed a nice little spike in auroral activity last night. The next perdicted unsettled spaceweather is due Feb 1/2 2010 - I'll hopefully be in the big I, usually a better place for watching the northern lights than Baker (we are too far north) - so here's hoping.

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