Tuesday, January 25, 2011


If you are a straggling voter, dying to vote in the Nunies - there is still time - apparently there was a bit of confusion - and the polls remain open until 5 pm today. I would like to take all of you who have voted for me and sent me encouraging words. I enjoy sharing this small fragment of my life and its nice to know that people enjoy it.

As for day, its the first day in a while that I've accidently played the alarm clock game. I think the problem is that it is set too loud and now that the alarm clock has moved closer to my head - the loudness is having me react by immediately shutting it off before my brain has processed what it means. Tomorrow, I'll turn the volume down to something that is less alarming so I'll actually manage to wake up a bit more since I won't be diving to shut it down.
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