Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fine Again


The weather-folk are gracing us with a wonderful week of warm, calm weather for us to get outside and enjoy the sunshine without the burden of heavy parkas, scarfs and fogged glasses and most especially without the fear of frost bite. It won't last, not yet, already the 7 day forcast is promising seasonally bitter weather early next week, but its been nice to get out and get some wonderful pictures of the stunning sunset last night. After months of wind chills consistantly in the range of - 30 C or colder, - 7 C is a treat that I appreciate more than I would +10 C in other times and places of my life.

The other obvious difference is sunrise. Granted I slept in by my standards, but it was actually light out when I got up at 6 am. The sun might not have been above the horizon, but I could see where I was going. Again, after of months of coming and going from work in darkness, the longer days are cheering.

Coming out of a long trudge of a winter of semi-brain hibernation, I am concerned to note that we are heading into an election and worried a bit at my own relative apathy (generally I follow elections with some degree of ferocity), but this time I feel as though investing myself in this process will only set me up for disappointment. I'm sure I'll come around, I care too much about my country not to find hope enough to care - maybe a few more days of long sunlight.

In other news, today is the last day of foodmail - so its a good thing there is a bout of good weather to temper bitter sweet thoughts of never seeing foods like parsley, basil, peach yogurt, low fat chedder cheese, or crimini mushrooms again in my kitchen and paying dearly for grapefruit, strawberries, spinach, tomatoes, peppers and squash.

But its life - it changes - sometimes in good ways, sometimes in poor ways and oftenest in ways that don't exclusively qualify as good or bad and on that note I should do something useful with my morning.


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