Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Science Faired - but still here

Its been a busy few weeks with Science Fair on top of the usual stuff. It was a good year with some amazingly well done projects and some great moments. A huge thank you to everyone involved, especially the students who did great projects, the teachers that helped them to get there and the staff and judges and local talent who made the evening wonderful.

I can stay long - just enough to admit that I'm watching the situation in Japan with a kind of horror and sadness - it scale of the disaster is mind boggling, but the Japanese have shown themselves to be survivors and I have faith in them to pull themselves out of this, but in the meantime its hard to think of all the individuals suffering even as the disaster continues with nuclear reactors threatening to melt down and continuing aftershocks threatening more distruction. My heart goes out to everyone there.

It seems to be a week for tough news. My thoughts also go out to all those who've had sad or worrisome news this week.

On a cheerier note, upon checking the weather normals - there is indeed hope for April being warmer - with only 4.5 days on average with minimum temperatures below -30 C and only 7.6 days on average with windchills less than -40 C. The daily average in Baker Lake for April is -17.4 C, with an average minimum of -22.1 C and maximum of -12.6 C. Those of you reading this in the south may whince on my behalf, but this time of year, one simply longs for it to be warm enough to walk outside without a hood up or a scarf on (so that your glasses don't fog up and your have a normal field of view. I should be able to switch over to my normal winter coat any time now.

So, as things are going, there is sadness and hope and I'm looking forward to the regional Science Fair.
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