Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Working from a Different Perspective

Well, it would be wrong when it is so nice, not to take advantage of the day and go for a walk. (You know you've been living in the north too long when you think -18 C with no wind is warm, but hey, what can you do?) We did the sewage lagoon-graveyard loop. While this may not sound like a scenic tour, the graveyard has a spartan, solemn and thought provoking kind of aesthetic, although it is hard to visit without a touch of sadness. The sewage lagoon used to be the best place for seeing hare, caribou and siksik - although the latter is wisely still napping, and the first one can still be found there, it has been a while since I've seen a caribou.

Sunday, we didn't even see a Raven, although we did see some Arctic Fox tracks. But that's okay, the sunshine was enough to make the walk worthwhile and it was nice not to have to wear snow pants.

They moved the dish for Qiniq this weekend, and while I had received an email, I'd figured they were just warning about solar outages, so I'd ignored it - and then wished I hadn't once I'd heard the service was supposed to be out until Tuesday. Its amazing what not having internet will do - for me it meant actually doing a fair bit of work - and getting out for a walk and doing a bit of knitting and cooking.

I've finally got back into knitting after hardly doing anything this year - I still have a half finished pair of baby mitts and a lace scarf I started in the summer on the needles, but I went back to basics and knitted a very boring practical pair of socks. We'll 1.5 pairs of socks thus far. However, I'm about halfway through the heel flap and I anticipate having them finished by the end of next weekend.

Assuming that I don't spend too much time outside in this beautiful weather.... and if I do... we'll all the better. In the meantime, I've been eying some quick simple projects that require a bit more skill then my socks.


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