Friday, January 19, 2007

The Things You Don't Know

I was complaining of my need to post other people's photographs the other day, when Gabe insisted that I must have some left from our trip out east. He was right and wrong. I've actually posted more pictures from out east than he thinks - the problem is that Blogger was undergoing a blog eating phase about when I came back and starting posting - so a lot of them didn't come up. In actual fact, I did not take that many pictures and the bulk of them were taken on 3 occassions - St. Martin's, Fundy Park and Halifax. So, although the count is around 130 photos for the trip, many of them are a bit on the repetitive side and quite of few of them aren't really that great. Gabe should have some pictures of the evening we spent with Char and Andrea - I'll see if I can get them up here soon. So, I do have a few left, but I'm hoping to get out on a hike this weekend and take some new ones too.

My big excitement for the day is a pot of soup burbling joyously on the stove filled with tomatoes, zuucchini, green onions and corn. I'm looking forward to eating it at supper. Beyond that, I have been working on my proposal and collecting papers for my Masters. Not really an exciting day, but a cosy one.

Oh.... and about the things you don't know - I don't know them either - but what you don't know can kill you. Take climate change - in spite of tonnes of research - there still isn't any irrevokable proof that CO2 is the major cause. Myself I can't really say what I agree with, lacking time to read up thoroughly and knowledge to judge the conflicting scientific views critically. I do know that the recent weather has me wondering - and I prefer erring on the side of caution in general. I guess the flip side is that even if we did know all the details of what was going on with our planet and all the mechanisms - it still might kill us or not... I guess only time will tell depending on our actions.



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