Monday, January 12, 2009

On rages the blizzard

I spent a good bit of last night lying awake listening to the wind rattling against my house, gusting hard enough to jostle the coffee in my mug and push against the house hard enough that I could feel it. The visibility is not zero, but that house isn't even as far away as it looks (wide angle lens). I can't actually tell you what the windspeed is or the visibility as the internet feed from environment Canada for Baker Lake has been Down since last night. Although, it seems a bit calmer than before I went out to take pictures. I most certainly can't see the snow fence or beyond the nearest row of houses - so probably about 100-150 m of visibility. I tinted the photo above to match the tint on my goggles - to match what I was actually seeing. They do actually help a lot with the fogging up problem, so perhaps I'll start wearing them regularly.

I was talking to one of the teacher's spouses about knitting and discovered that despite the fact she was an avid knitter, she'd never heard of Ravelry - if you haven't heard of it either - its like facebook for knitters with Patterns and Yarns and groups of knitters with something common - a love of fairisle, a local yarn store (LYS), felting, location - you name.. there is a group for it.

I now have my heart set on some new patterns, whenever I find time to knit them. There is the fish hat, fargyles and amused sweater from the Winter 2008 edition of Knitty. Oh and there are others... not to mention my already queued Trillium Socks from Philosopher's Wool and my Kilim Sweater and my job and that bit of writing I need to finish if I want to have a summer vacation.

Happy Blizzard Day!

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