Monday, April 25, 2011

Sunny Days....?

I'm writing my blog while looking at a very long to do list.... I'm also eating ice cream after working out. I'm contemplating going to the advance polls to vote - that that requires me to complete a few more steps like brush my hair (okay, likely I'll be wearing a toque and a hood, so its not worth the bother, but you don't want to get into bad grooming habits, right) and putting on socks - that is definitely a necessity. I have a lot to write about, and nothing at the same time. The looming election has mostly left me feeling depressed. You can read whatever you want about my politics into that.... I hope that people go out and vote, that they take their time to read up about the parties, that they take their responsibilities of living in a democratic country as seriously as they do their rights.

We are following the playoffs, another possibly depressing topic as Vancouver is pressed to Game 7 by Chicago, so that leaves me not wanting to talk about that either. Montreal is also in a do-or-die sitch too.

My to-do list is both depressing and uninteresting, but I feel great having had a few days to catch up on sleep and stuff.

And thus... enjoy the pretty picture, its still really cold here, too cold for me to enjoy being outside - although I should be outside with my class this week - weather permitting. The normals are up to a balmy -8 C to -17 C, but thus far we are still in the -22 C range and windy to boot. Brr..... soon hopefully - spring will get here.
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