Monday, January 29, 2007

And so the winds whirl

And so the winds whirl
And they sweep and they swirl
Through the leaves in the trees
Across the waves in the seas

Whipping my hair into tangles and mess
Reminding me to beauty that words can't express
Finding my soul in a forest of towers
Sky-scraping cement and task packed hours

Where is the viewscape that will make my heart soar
Draw my camera lens until I can't snap anymore
Where is the smell of mouldering leaves?
In my concrete cage, a part of me grieves.

But soon will come summer - and I will sometiems escape
To the forests and streams with their natural shape
Until then I'll glimpse, from the 401's trail
The magnifican escarpment on the far side of the rail.

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Blogger Wonder Woman! said...

i crunch the ice with heavy black boots.
In the dusk and streetlights snow glistens like stars.
Snow dampens all sounds of passing by cars.

I miss the grass colouring the world green.
Until I see just the right sheen.
The light on the snow, the crackle of ice...
Winter sometimes is transformed to my delight.
A wonderful picture, another world, through a door in the wardrobe maybe...
Erupts my imagination and curiosity.
What adventures to be had today! :)

Okay... so it doesn't totally flow,but it'll do.

10:05 PM  

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