Monday, January 22, 2007


Hopefully I didn't leave the impression that I'm currently in some kind of personal hell. That wasn't my intention at all. I was just pointing out that the darkest moment in my life was the trials and tribulations of a first year teacher, up north, teaching grade 8 of all foolish things. I don't even have nightmares about it 7 years later. I got caught up being dramatic, but I fear I missed the point. There are people who suffer through some terrible things out there - abuse, neglect, addiction. Stuff that makes teaching look like a picnic. I meant to highlight just how good I have it, and how much more society could do to help people in need. Yet, even solving those problems is mind boggling. Oh, and of course you can't really solve other peoples problems - they have to find it in themselves to take up the challange - but you can try to give them the scaffolding they need to at least make it easier and a few vorpal swords wouldn't go amiss to scare off the monsters and predators.

Today's excitement is that after coming into the office early to aviod bad driving conditions with traffic - I appear to be locked out of my office. Sigh. So, I'm huddling in this chilly room trying to work on my stuff, but it isn't really great. Hopefully they'll open the doors soon and I can go up to a nice chilly room with a desk. In the meantime... life continues. The picture is of a lake somewhere between Ottawa and Kingston last October. Saturday, I met with a couple of old friencd at "the Harp" in Port Credit. A bit of a drive for a pub, but the decor was nice and the bathrooms were almost perfectly clean. It was nice to see everyone, although the volume of the coverband "Sonny Boy Mick" precluded much meaningful chat - hopefully next will be easier.


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