Friday, January 26, 2007

Stream Dreams

It is so easy to misplace friends, especially when you practically collect postal codes that you think of as home. I hardly have time to see the people I live with, finding time to keep in touch with people is impossible. Especially once they start getting married and altering their last names. I'm sure it was worse before the internet. I stumbled across my lab partner from Gr. 10 Science in facebook and found a blog belonging to an old boyfriend from Lakehead. (btw - he is married to a woman) Another friend I'd not talked to in a year or so caught up with me on MSN and I found out that they are getting married. As is another friend, that I haven't caught up with yet. I can think of at least 4 upcoming weddings this summer and I suspect a few more are in the works.

I figure I've done okayish at maintaining ties. I'm still in touch with my best friends from Grade 3-7 and 7-highschool. Heck, I've even seen a good portion of my highschool friends recently. I'm regularly in contact with my two best friends from Lakehead and 2 dozen odd folk from camp. But there are a zillion people I'd love to catch up with, at least long enough to get a current address for christmas card purposes and find out where their lives have taken them. What happened to the people from my 7-8 years? What ever became of Christina Morris and Samina Ahmed? Carrie and Penny from Grade 2? Donnie Boyd and Rick?

Its a strange world. People migrate distances that few mammels can - across barriers like mountain ranges and oceans and political borders. I'm currently reading shadow of the Giant by Orson Scott Card. I'll grant him credit for his research into the vast variety of human culture on a global scale and extrapolating a fasinating future from it. I guess I should count myself lucky that all of my friends are still on the same planet. I, at least, am easy to find. My name (due to this blog) is easily googled, although I sometimes worry that that isn't a particularly good thing. Well, I suppose it is good and bad. I know that it would be safer to be annonymous, but my desire to be found by any lost friend who is looking for me seems to keep me from caution.

Such is...


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