Saturday, January 17, 2009

Meanderings of the Mind while Marking
I just wanted to post up this link for anyone who'd like to learn how to knit Muskox Slippers

I've got the tunes going to keep me running in overdrive and I'm finding myself in a total Sarah McLaughlin mood tonight. I have a very small and odd selection of music here - a bunch of Bare Naked Ladies and Arrogant Worms mixed with various old mix CD's, 2 new exercise mixes and the 2nd Volume of the Due South Soundtrack.... Nothing like going from Carrot Juice is Murder (Arrogant Worms) to Nothing Else Matters (Metallica) to a dance mix of Clocks(Coldplay) to Ice Cream (Sarah McLaughlin). The Sarah McLaughlin songs make me think wistfully of my new guitar which I've only had time to take out twice. I just have too many neglected hobbies.... like the watercolours that I haven't even taken out once since I've gotten here. I stumbled across the above picture the other day and doesn't it just beg to be painted in water colours? (Sunday Creek - August 2006 - Algonquin Park)

I am camping in Algonquin this summer. I don't care how busy I am.... it'll be over two years since I've camped there (the last time I spent overnight in Algonquin was in April 2007 - we camped at Grand Lake (Archay Campground) - but I think I need to do some serious hiking - well I guess I could give up Algonquin in exchange for a 5 day trip through the Cloche Mountains, although chances are that its too late to book any interior sites and too early for me to know when I'm free.... ah well, one bridge at a time.... and its clear that if I spent less time rambling along on my blog I might have more time to paint, knit and play guitar... but alas... I enjoy blogging too....

Well, we're onto Finger 11 I think..... or Daughtry maybe... and I hear a faint clamour from that desk over there - "mark me, mark me, mark me..."


Blogger Wonder Woman! said...

Okay... i think that i am now ready to say... we need to go camping, do a trip or find some corner of wilderness to go into... I need to commit to something, and make sure that i do it. I really need to... really really really need to.
So let's dish babe ;)

7:29 PM  

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