Saturday, April 30, 2011

Here Fishy Fishy

I had a wonderful time playing out on the land with my kids - exhibiting childlike wonder at seeing icefishing holes dug for the first time (by non traditional means). I felt amazement at the efficiency that our guides as they put-up and took down camp swiftly and without hardly uttering a word and did all the needed tasks and had some of the best caribou stew ever. The kids were awesome teaching me that I should point the fish north if I wanted to catch any more and that you had to make a sound that I don't remember well enough to translate into typed English letters to coax the fish closer. I even got to teach an impromptu lesson on cell metabolism entitled "why you need to eat if you want to stay warm". We were all in good spirits, in spite of the somewhat bitter cold - late April in general has been well below normal - hoping that this turns into a warm May. The ride up in the qammatiq was bumpy and I couldn't find a sitting position that was comfortable for both my hips and knees at the same time. My kids kindly insisted I ride the back of one of the skidoos on the way back, which was nice for actually seeing the world around me and considerably less uncomfortable. They were pretty great that way.

Its been a good week in general. As usual I'm left wishing there were more hours in the day, but I've been making a genuine effort to get adequate sleep this year even if it cuts into hobbies like painting, knitting or reading. (Yes Mom, I know you've been telling me this was important for years.)

The election is looming, but I've already cast my vote and really nothing in the campaign was likely to change my choices, but the end result is still fairly up in the air, and all I can do is hope for the best or at least the least of possible evils or the slightly less bad scenario - ooooh... optimism there, eh? But since it is quite out of my hands at this point I may as well wait, knowing that just as some people scheduled watching the Royal wedding at some ridiculous hour, I will be watching the Election Coverage Monday - this will be a nail biter, requiring hanging in until the polls in BC are counted. At which point, I may or may not opt to listen to the elected prime ministers speech.

And so here were are on Saturday morning... the weekend ahead of me and much to do... so off I go... and hopefully the weather will improve and I'll get back to going on regular walks. Until then... you'll be getting more pictures of knitting.


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