Thursday, May 26, 2011

Emerging Land

So I kind of lied, well, was wrong anyways. We have very briefly cracked 0 C (reaching an oh so balmy 0.1 C on May 15th). Still, I woke again to see that plus temperatures predicted for today and tomorrow yesterday afternoon had been replaced with minus ones, which makes me wonder how it is possible that the weather has teased us so consistantly with warm temperatures, only to have them replaced with negative ones. Meanwhile, temperatures in Yellowknife are plenty nice and its nearly as far north and only about 1000 km west of here. Still, slowly, with long days of sunlight and often a decent bit of wind, patches of the land are slowly emerging from their snow covered state (although, Iqaluit was visible on North Beat last night, and they seemed to have very little left in town at all.) Spring is coming, eventually.....

In the meantime, things are busy, but hopefully we'll get a few more walks in this week in spite of the weather and the nasturiums are loving the 24 hours of daylight/brighter than civil twillight we are getting... which does give new meaning to Paul Simon's words.... "Hello Darkness my old friend, I've come to talk to you again"...

Anywho..... off to the races...

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