Sunday, May 15, 2011

Here comes spring...

Unlike in the south, it is not the coming of Robins that heralds the spring, but the beautiful snow bunting. Those showed up a few weeks ago. Now we are in the phase I like to call... "Waiting for Zero". We were scheduled to have temperatures above 0 C today as late as 3 pm yesterday, but now the weatherfolk have dropped their expectations down to 0 C. Its currently -3, cloudy and with a 18 km wind, it feels like -9. Not quite as good as yesterday's -5, sunny and calm. Still, hopefully, the sun will come out at some point and we'll manage to get out for another walk.

We also saw a sandhill crane and a pair of siksik yesterday. Night is not entirely dark and the sun sets late (22:30) and rises early (4:10 am) and twillight of some sort lingers pretty continuously after that. Its darkish for a few hours between Midnight and 2, but after that its really light enough that the lights don't need to turn on. We were caught out staying up too late on Friday as a result, we were smarter yesterday. Today is going to be a busy day methinks... But I thought I should at least get a short post up, lest people think I've given up entirely on the blog.
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