Monday, May 02, 2011


Today is election day. If you haven't done so yet, then I strongly encourage you to get off your behind and do so. Canadians have a chance today to send a message to Ottawa that we care about democracy and are willing to take a bit of time out of our lives to choose our MPs. This is not an unnessessary election. This is an election about the core values of Canadians.

The price of one fighter jet could build an awful lot of houses in Nunavut.

The price of housing someone in a jail could be better spent helping several people to turn away from crime and go on to be productive happy citizens who pay income tax.

Most importantly, what is the price to our country if our own leaders are so comfortable in power that they think they can tell lies, act like bullies, control what questions the media asks and break the rules that they wrote themselves?

What ever it is that drives you, or you care about you need to stand up and cast your vote. Regardless of the outcome of the vote - I'd be relieved to see that lots of Canadians came out to vote today to exercise their civic duty and voice their opinion.
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I'm on my way to give my little bit of insight to history, the future, yeah... all that good stuff. :)

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