Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Purple Poo

This brightly colour scat discovered on a rock in the tundra by my neighbour raises more questions than it answered - best guess - someone really likes there berries or alternatively, there is some kind of purple fungus that grows on droppings.

Otherwise, I have little to report save that I do have a nice stock of photos, hopefully aiding me to post more frequently, assuming that the rapidly approaching end of the year doesn't prevent me from finding time. Saturday, we hiked up to the beacon for a picnic of sushi, apples and granola bars. The calm, sunny weather, -1 to -4 temperatures and uphill walk made hiking in a t-shirt comfortable. Sadly, we still have not cracked 0 C weather - maybe this coming week. There are lots of predictions, but the weatherfolk have mislead us to disappointment before..... so no breath holding here.

We were able to get in a few games of Dominion and Carcasonne this weekend, along with visiting with friends - so all in all a good weekend.
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