Saturday, May 28, 2011

Rock Face

This happy little lichen-face was discovered while picnicking near the beacon (aka Mexican Hat). You have to appreciate nature's sense of art. It is Friday and the coffee make just finished its important gurgling task of brewing hot and wonderful coffee. One of my biggest supply issues for next year (in the absense of food mail) is to figure out how to get a year's supply of Kicking Horse coffee up here... we are on the last of it.

In other exciting news... We made it as high as 0.3 C (plus) yesterday. There is hope of warmer weather, but now it has been really cloudy the last few days, and I'm hopin for a couple of sunny, not to windy, warmish afternoons so I can go out and take more pictures. Even with cooler than 0 C temps and a lot of cloud the snow has continued to take a beating, and is slowly shrinking back.

Its now Saturday morning... The Stanley Cup will take place between the Vancouver Cannucks and the Boston Bruins. I was really really cheering for Tampa Bay - aside from having once been there and charmed by there city. There is something inherently likable about them as a team. Boston, on the other hand, has been involved in a few too many out of hand games over the season. Obviously, I want the Vancouver Cannucks to win. GO CANNUCKS!! Bring the cup home!!!

Its an overcast day and so I'm trying to get as much work done as I can while my motivation holds out.... maybe I'll get enough done so I can find time to play in the sunshine tomorrow... here's hoping.
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