Friday, February 02, 2007

Ground Hog's Day Forgotten

I was suprised that no mention of groundhog's day was immediate obvious from the front page of either the Star or the Globe. Perhaps I should be surprised it was one of the first thoughts I had as the alarm went off this morning given the lack of fanfare leading up to the event. One might posulate that the growing concern about global warming and the strangely warm weather leading up to the current more winterly fare, has made people unsure whether to hope for more winter or its early end. I haven't gotten any skiing in yet, and I can't afford to go out to the rockies; So I have to admit I'm in no rush for the end of winter. Then again, I always liked it better than that deadly heat of summer.

So, who knows. I haven't heard yet what our friend Wiarton Willie has predicted this year. I'm guessing not much in the way of shadows given how overcast it is here. I've made a link to a cbc posting on the event.

Happy Ground Hog's Day,


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Blogger Unknown said...

Willie said early spring, followed by rising water levels :P

9:40 AM  

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