Monday, February 05, 2007

Posterchild for Pandora

I thought I'd better write something before you all get bored of checking to see if I'd written, and finding - nothing new. The group shot was taken in Baxter State Park, Maine - my favourite place in the states (the only one I've been to twice). Distracting me from my usually exuberant blogging are two things. The first is school - I'm really trying hard to get everything tidied up and done so I can be a bit less stressed. This is of course hopeless, because whenever I get the stuff with deadlines tidied away - there is a tonne of more esoteric, deadlineless tasks awaiting me - but until then I'm hoping. The other problem, of course, is that facebook is sucking up my internet time in a bad/good way. Its kind of a tease - neat idea, but I'm just old enough that there are a lot of people I'd like track down that simply aren't into this kind of thing. The ones I know well enough to have emails for - well, I'm mostly in contact with them to some extent anyways. But still, I've caught up with a few folks that I'd otherwise lost contact with - making the whole thing worthwhile.

I guess, shockingly, my social life may also be interfering with my blogging. I was lucky enough to meet up with Margo to watch a movie, finally meeting the mysterious Ian. That was a blast. Pan's Labyrinth (spanish with English subtitles) was well done, but has left my nerves a bit raw. There are some pretty brutally violent and disturbing scenes in it, mixed with a sort of minor key beauty here and there. The weekend before I attended a party, played cards and visited my grandma's - taking up all three evenings in one weekend and the weekend before that I met up with another up north friend and 2 down souths ones for coffee. I do really need to get my camera out sometime - though it is so cold right now - I suspect the battery would refuse to cooperate... anywho...enough writing for now. Oh, and in unrelated news, my best friends kid turned 2... does that make me feel old or what

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pan's Labyrinth; Oh gosh, what a wonderful/scary/visually amazing movie. I saw it on DVD (Don't ask) on the weekend, and was torn between horror and amazement. What an amazing movie though.


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