Thursday, February 08, 2007

Tears to my eyes

Admittedly, I read the news too often - whether the "teen killed at 16th birthday party" stares me in the face from the floor or I simply am perusing the front section on online version - I find that the news frequently leaves me feeling disappointed in my fellow humans. A few days ago, I found an article that actually brought tears to my eyes - and renewed my faith in humanity. The story was about a little girl who played hockey and went from being healthy to being diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer over the span of a few days. This is naturally a heart breaking story - nice family, nice kid - horrible thing to happen to anyone. What brought tears to my eyes was the overwhelming response of her community to help her and her family get through this. They raised money - other kids shaved their heads (again to raise money) but also to make her feel less bad about loosing hers to chemotherapy drugs. Its too bad it takes a tragedy to bring it out of us sometimes - but its there - the thing that makes us worth saving for all our ugliness and stupid wars - we have the capacity to do great good as well and sometimes the newspapers remember to report it.


As for me, my daydreams lately seem unusually filled with plans for outdoorsy stuff and camping and canoing and hiking. I think Awenda in early may with all the trilliums in bloom would be nice and I really want to do some canoeing in Northern Algonquin Park. I'm not sure I'm in good enough shape the tackle the Cloche Mountains Trail - but I'd like too. Over the past year or so, I've been known to take a few hours and hunt through the provincial and national park system websites looking for new and interesting parks to visit. Maybe I'll get a chance to do Pukasaw (sp?) or Quetico or Sibley .... sigh in the mean time I'm going to work my butt off as much as possible so I can grab a few days here or there between my field work and literature review writing this summer and get some camping in. Any suggestions for good places I should try camping?



P.S. I tried to post some paintings with this blog - no luck, then some spring flowers... still no luck... so blog without picture... sorry

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Blogger complexvanilla said...

As far as humanity is concerned, both sides exist, but the positive side is far lesser, as one would expect. However, they serve as reminders that all is not hopeless yet. The father of a close friend of mine was struck down by a speeding truck while attempting to cross a busy road, and was lying on the same road for an agonizing forty-five minutes before anybody stopped and helped. When help finally arrived, it was just a little bit too late and he passed away on the way to the hospital. This incident left me sick to the bone. I mean, hundreds of cars would have passed by on that busy stretch of road, many even navigating around the fallen man, but none of them bothered to stop. On the other hand, a friend of mine, a software professional, organized an event to raise funds for blind children's development. All on her own.

I live in the hope that we get to see more of the good side of humanity, and if possible, even emulate them, in our own small ways.

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