Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Thoughts on the Oak Ridges Moraine

Well, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to take part in the Oak Ridges Moraine Symposium this week. It was a wonderful opportunity to learn about the Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan and discuss its good points and needs for improvement. I met lots of fantastic people from conservation authorities, universities, municipalities and ENGO's.

I wanted to write a reflection on the experience, bu I find myself feeling a bit tired after getting up at 6 am to shovel the driveway and we didn't even get the worst of the storm. So, I don't think I can do it justice. I got to hear Elizabeth May of the Green Party speak in person. Whether (heck - weather) I agree or not with what she said, I felt more energized about the environment than I had since Lakehead - when believe it or not I was actually the president of a moderate environmental group - which is to say that we put together a vegetarian cookbook and did some educational work and I believe worked on improving the recycling situation on campus - but we weren't exactly being pushy about it - but we did have fun.

So I ended reading a bit of Elizabeth May's blog. There is a nice little piece on her appraisal of Stephan Harpers performance. You might find it good reading at least - even if you disagree.

Yawn!! I should head up to bed I think...

Cheers for now - I'll have to reflect later.



Blogger lothyn said...

So, you're saying that those old enviro t-shirts i'm still hanging onto might be cool again?

7:36 PM  
Blogger Jennith said...

perhaps! My baby brother still looked at me as though I was from another planet when I stated with pride that at one time (with 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner, no shaving (as was cool in the winter in the 1990's) and a great deal of focus) I could complete all necessary hygiene goals in under 75 seconds (Timed with a digital watch). This was a consistent phenomena. It wasn't until I moved to Fredericton and switched to separate shampoo and conditioner that my time went up - still 5 minutes is still sufficient. Apparently, its not yet cool with the young folk to try to walk lightly on the earth. But, I did most of my independent thinking in the 1990's and I find myself a better person for it.


10:40 AM  

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