Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Scope of my Horo

Almost anything you could wish for is available now, apart, perhaps, from the opportunity to do what you think you most want to do. Don't be fed up when so much else of a positive nature is offered.

What I most want to do is go outside and play and take pictures... definitely not in the cards today... but maybe there is hope for the things that I don't want to do getting done soon. I guess the upshot is that even if I've been working all weekend, I really have little call to complain. I have an amazing job and I live in an amazing community and really after I get all this stuff done and squared away - it'll be smooth sailing. I just need to get over this hill.

I don't know how the guy at the paper manages to create such creepily accurate horoscopes. Maybe there is something to this science of interpreting the stars...


Blogger Wonder Woman! said...

Sometimes my horoscope is bang on... that's for sure... Hope you find a little time to do some photographs - even if they are out the window and even if they are still life of your kitchen table... :)
Miss ya. We need to figure out when we can do some camping. :D

4:45 PM  

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