Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Lone Herd of Houses in the Great Snowy North

Here is our little stretch of hamlet clinging to the shores of the lake hidden beneath the snow. Of course, if you want tropical weather, my appartment is still in the mid-twenties.... (not my fault or my desire) The system designed to keep our pipes from freezing is still on full blast and meanwhile the outside temperatures have improved significantly. (There is still a promise of cracking plus 1 today on the table.... and in fact its only -1 C now... so here's hoping.)

Aha... after many distractions.. the temperature has reached 0.1 C now and the sun is valiently trying to poke out of the clouds. Cross your fingers that I get a chance to get some more pictures today.

Obviously, I don't have much to report save that I am in a cheerful mood and I hope the sun comes out just a bit more.

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