Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Walk Above 0 C

A sunny night, the snow rapidly disappating like dreams of howling blizzard winds and starlight, it was impossible to say no to a walk - espeically in light of of finding affordable and non-mouldy strawberries and grapes at the store. (Whoo-hoo)(okay they aren't really related save that they are both wonderful) I can't say I like my new boots (Women's Baffin Brand Insulated rubber boots) They are light, but I feel everything I walk on and I don't think my my feet are landing properly.... still I hate wet cold feet. I think I'll go back to heavier boots next time.

Its been a few days of random equipment failure (my watch band went 2 weeks ahead of schedule this year and this morning my speakers refused to work so I'm forced to listen to the tinny sound of laptop speakers. I don't know how I'm going to manage to get up replacements. Its not a big set of speakers, just computer speakers, but the airlines are getting tighter on how much weight-luggage you can have and they aren't easy to transport. Maybe it'll resolve itself... it must be a fuse or something... since there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with them. Sigh.

As for yesterdays walk, I almost didn't pull the camera out as I was just enjoying the brisk walk and the sunshine, until we thought we spotted an unusual owl... although upon closer inspection we discovered that it was a common Plasticus Fromcanadiantireus, likely placed on the fuel tanks to dicourage the perching and associating excretions of other birds. After that walking sunward, back into the town we were dazzled with the contrast of melting snow, blue skies and brightly coloured houses. I'm hoping to make this walking thing a regular practice - I'm feeling the effects of a winter of being largely housebound and stretching my legs, having a different view and getting fresh air are all good for my head. Yeah for spring!!!

Its the last day of classes and May.... I don't know where the year has gone
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