Saturday, June 04, 2011

Robin Rangers

I don't know if it is normal for any of these fellows to make it this far north, but I'm guessing this guy is hunkering down under a house somewheres wondering what just happened to the weather. It was eerie to hear this common thrushes song (one that minds me so much of home) it the open landscape of the tundra. Of course, he was only meters away as I worked my camera out of my bag, only to fly away the minute I had him in focus..... ah well... next time.
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Blogger Clare said...

They appear regularly as visitors or vagrants, especially in the Kivaliq. I see on eBird there are records from Baker in 2003 and the lower Kazan in 86.

I believe they've been recorded as breeding recently in Rankin Inletj.

What date did you see it? Is it still around?

1:35 PM  
Blogger Jennith said...

I saw it Tuesday May, 31st within the hamlet area. People here said they some some last year too.

The Larks arrived June 3rd (at least the first ones I saw)

There have been sightings of Snowgeese, Canada Geese, and others too... I haven't been out in a few days though

1:44 PM  

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