Saturday, June 04, 2011

We're Not in Kansas Anymore

There have been deadly tornados in the states, floods in Manitoba and Mississippi and Quebec, and fires in Alberta, BC and now the Yukon. Europe has been hit by ash from an icelandic volcano and E. coli. So, on the scale of natural disasters around the world - a blizzard in June hardly ranks, but there is a certain amount of bragging rights thta can come from living in a place that has the audacity to produce a full bore blizzard in early June. I hope the Larkspurs and Robins weather it alright.

Welcome to the north... land of strange weather, which this year has been persistantly wintery right into June for the 3rd year straight.

But I have a few more pictures to throw up this morning... so give me a second and I'll get to the second post.
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