Monday, September 30, 2013

Grassi Lakes Views

I'm coming to terms with not driving through Lake Superior Park right now - witnessing the gloirious fall flood of colour that graces the hills of Northern and Central Ontario - because fall here is kind of pretty itself with snow dusting the mountain tops and the poplars and larches turning yellow.  Hiking season is rapidly coming to the end, especially after a week of wet, cold weather leaving snow on the ground in Lake Louise and twice scuppering a hike to Larch Valley.  Still hoping to get one more big hike in either  Larch Valley or Burstall Pass this week or maybe go back and do Boom Lake or Stanley Glacier or day trip to Yoho and do some puttering around there.

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Rawson Lake

Contrary to the weather forcast, it was not warm and sunny, but cool and rainy - but still it made for an amazing 2nd camping trip for little A. and us and a good test run of our new tent - which we can definitively say does not leak.  On our way home, we stopped to do the Rawson Lake hike (about 8 km).  It was a bit of a huff and puff - for the straight up part of the trail - but it was worth it for the view at the top... a gem green lake surrounded by a wall of dark mountain with their tops lost in the clouds.
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Saturday, September 07, 2013

Molly - Also a rocking Cat

Okay - that evens it up a little.  Molly is really pretty.

As for us, we are slowly getting organized and catching up on all the things we need to be doing - which is what I should be doing rather than posting pictures of my cats on my blog, but I'm headed for sleep soon anyways which means my brains really aren't up to actually getting anything useful done.
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Molly-cat - keeper of the wrapping paper

I was feeling bad that I hadn't posted any pictures of Molly lately.  Its not that she hasn't been as cute as Zoe - its just that she tends to move just as I'm about to take a picture or when I only have the mediocre camera on my phone at hand.  Molly is still active and playful and still loves her springs and dips her paws in her water.  If you leave your glass unattended she might dip her paws in your glass.  She loves watching the birds out of the window and sitting on anything that you are trying to use.  She has learned how to get up on top of the kitchen cupboards and can be found looking out over her kingdom.
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Comfortable Cat

I'm proud to say that Zoe has lost some weight.  It wasn't even really me - she just stopped gobbling her food suddenly.  I think she finally decided that we would feed her as much as she needed and that she didn't have to gulp down everything there was in case she didn't get fed again for some time.  Clearly, the cat in this picture is comfortable in their home.  She even sat on my lap a bit this evening.  Molly helps keep her shape by giving her someone to chase and be chased by.  But for the most part I think they like each other or at least tolerate each other.
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