Sunday, November 18, 2012

Molly pulls the "super-cute" look

Our cats are always adorable, but Molly has a knack for just coming up with the best cute poses.  I wish this was a little more in focus.  She has been my constant companion all day today - where-ever I go, she has curled up nearby - unless she was climbing all over me.  Here, she has just woken up from a long nap and so you have add imaginary sound effects of just-woke-up kitten meows.
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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Summer pictures to face the chill

Winter has set in in Baker Lake - with chilly temperatures, blowing snow and parkas.  I thought it was time to pull out a nice summer mountain picture to remember what green really looks like. (This is the view from the Mount Engadine Lodge in Kananaskis).  Sadly, owing to my disfunctional foot, my selection of mountain pictures this year is a bit thin.  Next summer though, I have some serious hiking in mind and hopefully a bit of car camping.

In the meantime - I also wanted to give a shout out to the folks in Estonia.  I don't think I know anyone in Estonia, but its cool that you are following my blog - hopefully I'll keep getting some nice shots to make it interesting for you.
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Monday, November 12, 2012

Snuggles and Yawns

I think our cats really like watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer too.  Whenever we put an episode on they come and curl up on the couch.  Molly had be chilling up top with her legs all flopped out, but she came done to give Zoe some grooming and then snuggled right up.  They looked really cute and peaceful until I got up with the camera.  Then Molly gave me a look and Zoe woke up with a GIANT yawn.
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Sunday, November 11, 2012

On top of Bohnanza and Parmasan Cheese....

On top of Bohnanza and Parmasan Cheese
Perches our Zoe with queenly ease
She's gaurding the beef broth and Wedding Soup
Watching for invaders or to maybe just snoop

Molly being the comic seems to get photographed more often - but I thought this was a really nice one of Zoe capturing her bright green eyes and dignified personality.
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Zoe Snuggles In

Zoe likes being warm and doesn't mind being wrapped up in blankets.  For the record, she actually did this herself by walking through a blanket I'd draped over the coffee table to make a "kitten cave".  Zoe is the calmer cat and is slowly turning into more and more of a lap cat.  When we first got her, Zoe would tolerate being picked up for about 30 seconds, if and only if, you were walking around with her.  Now, depending on her mood, she'll let you hold her for a few minutes, especially if you take her over to the window to look out.  Molly prefers to curl up beside you or drape herself off the back of the couch which Zoe will eiether disdain your company for the chair on the other side of the room, or curl up right on top of you - depending on the current heat situation.  (We live in a building where we don't totally have control over the heat.  If it is warm outside it tends to be sweltering (25 C +) inside as the heat in the crawlspace - which does the important job of keeping the water and sewage flowing even during a blizzard - over heats the place, even with our heat off.  If the wind is blowing from the South though or the tempeature drops, it can dip below 20 C here.

Molly is now meowing and fighting invisible enemies... silly critter :D
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Showing Off her Stripes

I was thinking yesterday that I haven't posted any good cat pictures lately and having now recharged my camera that actually takes good pet pictures... I took some new ones.

Here Molly(cule) is showing off her pretty coat with all of its nice stripes.  She may look like a sweet little lady, but now that the camera is put away she is participating in WWF wresting with Zoe.  Zoe is still mostly winning their wrestling matches.  Molly will likely still fill out a bit and we think she still has a way to grow into her paws and tail.  Zoe has about 2 lbs on her for now.

Molly has gotten very good at telling us what she wants.  Usually access to her food, which we have to keep in the cupboard because otherwise a certain other cat would make it disappear - not that Molly is entirely innocent - she was caught in an attempted treat snatching this morning.  I tried to explain to her she could have treats too - if only she's let me trim back the daggers on all 4 of her feet.  My hands look as though I've been measuring the DBH of white spruce trees again.  (For the record, white spruce is a vicious tree if there ever was one - I have scars to prove it).  Though, she is not above meowing and then going over to her favourite toy - saying "I want to play now" in no uncertain terms.  
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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Points Beyond

My kitten is literally sleeping on my mouse cord which is making using my computer difficult.  I wish I had a camera handy to capture this irristiable cuteness, but I know if I go get it, she'll just follow me and stop being so cute.  She's been pure cuddlebug today - our Molly has.

Its a usual Saturday and I have so much I aught to be doing that I'm feeling guilty taking a minute to blog, but I can't actually close my computer without waking the kitten.  So a quick hello to the cold (soon to be much colder) and snowy north and I should probably get dressed, do errands, bake, do more stuff, clean and organize and a few other things.  Especially now that my typing has annoyed the kitten and she has gone somewhere quieter to nap. (I did get around to plugging in my camera to charge so I can keep it close at hand for future kitten cuteness.

Zoe being more philosophical about Saturday is curled up blissfully on the couch enjoying the quiet.  She's really settled in to the point that we are sure that at some point she was someone's well loved and played with pet.  She is very good at playing with cat toys, often exhibiting more ability and enthusiasm than the kitten.  She also knows that counters are not places for kittens and what the word down means... if only she could explain that to Molly.

On that note, I've finished the last bit of coffee in my mug and no longer have Molly as an excuse, so I should get off this idiot machine and go do those useful things.
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Thursday, November 08, 2012

Autumn Skies

I stumbled across this picture when I downloaded the blizzard pictures.  I took it a few weeks ago - early to mid-october.
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The View From Baker Lake

One of the most exciting things about our new appartment is that we have a view of the lake.  Last year we mostly had a view of nothing as we faced into a hill and then the backs of a few houses.  Of course, on days like today it doesn't matter where you face - all you are going to see is blowing snow.

According to the current weather report, the visibility is 0 m - which is, of course, a bit of an exageration.  I can still make out the Old Coop/New KSO - but certainly, its not more than 100 m.  The winds are 61 km/h gusting to 87 - which is strong even for here - not crazy strong, but definitely blizzard inducing.

Molly is curled up behind my laptop and Zoe atop her favourite chair.  Earlier they were both looking out the window, but they moved while I went to get my camera.  They looked perplexed.  Zoe knocked the bedside phone behind the bedside table, which meant that I had to sprint for the nearest easy to find phone in the living room this morning.  Having cats definitely makes life interesting.  They seem to be adjusting to daylight savings time (from a feeding standpoint).  Molly has discovered her voice and like any teenager is giving her "parents" lots of lip.  She'll meow demandingly and then bound over to her favourite toy or to the bathroom where her leftover food is kept (Molly is a grazer and Zoe is a gobbler which continues to make feeding a bit of an entertaining prospect).  Zoe on the other hand only meows if she feels like I've overslept and failed to feed her.  If that doesn't work she'll try kisses and pestering, but once she has been fed she is an angel.  Molly doesn't pester us in the morning usually, but we are still working on keeping her off the counters.

And that is my news from the north.... watch for post blizzard pictures this weekend perhaps.
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