Friday, April 19, 2013

Mountain ID: Mount Rundle

This long mountain stretches from here to Banff.  This is not the classic view that most people think of when they think of Mount Rundle - as it is often photographed from the Vermillion Lakes in Banff.  Still and interesting and imposing bit of rock.
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Mountain ID: Ha Ling, Lawrence Grassi and the Ship's Prow

The Ship's Prow is on the left end of the photo - it looks a bit like a sinking boat.  Ha Ling is the peak on the righ side.  It is the first mountain hike that I did with S. many many years ago.  Its a bit of a haul to get up there - but offeres a neat view of the valley.
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Mountain ID: Cascade Mountain

This is Cascade Mountain - one of the prettiest in my opinion.  It is also very useful, since it  helps me figure out which way is Banff.
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Spring is thinking about visiting the mountains

To balance the overwhelming abundance of photos of my 2 cats and make up for taking so very few landscape photos since breaking my foot just over a year ago - I though I'd share this shot of the 3 sisters on a fine spring day whilst we enjoyed the beautiful weather on what could be one of our last stroller free walks.  It was actually warm enough that I was able to wear just a t-shirt by the end.

Its been both busy and quiet for the last few weeks.  The weather has also been flipping between spring and winter as it seems to be in the rest of the country.  Although, most of the snow in the valley has melted, there is still lots adoring the mountains.

The kitties are doing well.  Zoe is contentedly asleep after eating her breakfast, and Molly is sitting on the table beside me, enjoying pets and waiting for me to finish my breakfast so she can lick the spoon (yogurt) or get me to play the feather toy game with her.  She's still such a total spaz, but pretty.

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

There be large rocks here - sometimes called mountains

A peaceful afternoon in our household.  S. is learning how to play Dix-it by watching and episode of Table Talk. I'm fiddling with pictures.  Molly is napping in the cat-tree and Zoe is sleeping on the bed.  We enjoyed a bowl of proper home-made chicken soup for lunch and we are hoping that C, C, J and R are having a safe drive home this afternoon - since it was amazing to see them yesterday.

This is before the dump of snow we are currently getting.  The mountains are just poking out of the clouds on a bright day.  Now they are coverd in a good bit of snow as it continues to snow heavily here.

Molly is mewing for a belly rub.  She is such a suck sometimes.

Anywho.. better go be useful.  
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Friday, April 12, 2013

Cuddling in the Cat-Tree

Here is the prime realestate for Cats at present and look just how nicely our two little felines who hissed and threatened to kill each other last summer are sharing it.  If the lighting wasn't so bad, I think I'd have to find one of those on-line cat sites to post it on.

You have to love Molly's giant feet hanging out in the second pictures and the way her little arm is snuggled around Zoe.  We have good kitties... or I'm just terribly biased.
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Molly Undercover

Our cats have been troopers over the last month of moving, airplanes and hotels and new places.  I think it has actually made them closer to each other, although I may be biased by the fact that the two of them are snuggled together on the top of the cat tree and look quite peaceful.  Zoe as usual has surprised us with her resiliancy.  She has actually done incredibly well and done a lot of things to help Molly, who has definitely struggled more with the transitions.  Zoe is a mom at heart who I've seen come and comfort Molly when she's mewed with stress.  That said, for the most part, Molly has done okay.  Its just that Zoe has been extra caring towards her and Molly has been content to be mothered.

Molly has also grown inches in the last few weeks.  She is now noticably bigger than Zoe.  They have also taken up some new habits.  Both seem more inclined to crawl under blankets (please check for a cat before sitting on the couch or bed).  We have gotten them two new toys.  One called the hideaway which has some toys, scratch post and a hanging space with two windows for sleeping in or using as cover when you play.   The other is a small cat tree with a tube and a sleeping platform which doubles as an excellent stratching post.  See next post for more info on the tree.

We are also adapting.  We've recovered a bit from the stress of moving and managing all the bits and pieces we needed to get done in the last few weeks and are slowly gearing up for the next lot of changes.  We aren't at all sure we are ready, but I guess I hear no one every is.  
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Saturday, April 06, 2013

Kitten in the Hole

Molly has spent a good bit of today curled up in her hideaway.  I think she misses the feather toy... We do plan to get another one, just as soon as we get a chance to get to buy one.  She also, I swear, has grown inches since we've moved.  She already has about 2 inches in height on Zoe standing on all fours and maybe a bit more when they sit between each other.  She did, however, come and snuggle up to my knees when I was taking a nap earlier.

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