Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Lving Among the Dead

I really hate Picasa!!! Every time I write something remotely thoughtful, it seems to crash or lose my post when I go to publish.


Next time I'm copying the text before pressing publish because its impossible to recreate what was lost.

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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Just a little down the road

I'll have to ask Gabe what it is that makes me like this picture. I'm sure it has a name - related to the repetition of the fence elements.

I'm working on my spillway calculations. But I noticed that my last post lacked a picture and though I'd quickly post one up.

Its foggy and warm again. What a funny fall it has been!

Sillhouetted forms
Stillness unstirred by breezes
Simplified grace glows

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Monday, November 27, 2006

Speed Rant: Letting the Conservative Nutbars Comment on Globe Articles

For a change today, I decided to peruse the Globe and Mail rather than the star. Finding an article on Liberal Critsism of Conservative Policy on Woman's issues. The article itself is a bit sensationalist, and I'll grant the Liberal Women's Caucus's use of the phrase "barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen" to accuse the Conservative of being right wing was perhaps a poor and unprofessional choice of words. It did, of course, catch people's attention.

My rant is not on the article's content, nor the liberal's position or choice of phrases - but the shear nastiness of the responses to the article. Does the Globe and Mail not have the sense to moderate their comments. The nonsense posted in reponse article was so offensive and embarassing that I could only shake my head in wonder. There were a lot of Belinda Stronach digs - expected, but few were well related to the actual article. The number of "my wife's votes conservative and she would strongly disagree" comments made me wonder if these men actually let their wifes choose who they voted for or not. Much of it smacked of the sentiment that "I need to attack all policies issued by my parties enemy, regardless of my personal stance on the issue." The liberals were not much better than the conservative posters, except that the conservative postings tended to offend me more personally (as they were generally attacks on woman and/or liberal views), however, the liberal attacks, were in general equally stupid. There were about 2 postings that I would have considered worthy of display - in that they focused on the issues rather than simply spewing viscious partisan attacks on the other's party. An additional few showed a smidgeon of thought - whose credibility was decreased by their choice of tone, the rest were blatantly stupid and should have be relegated to a desktop trashcan before making to the net on a website managed by our "national newspaper".

The opinions expressed were not, in my opinion, a representative sample of liberal or conservative views.. and if they are... I'm not sure I want to be anything like them.

It makes sense to me that the Liberals are taking time to come up with a set of policies for women's issues in Canada. It doesn't suprise me that they are not entirely in alignment with current policies being put forth by the conservatives. Admittedly, I'm more comfortable with the Liberal views expressed, but I don't feel the need to verbally abuse the conservatives over theirs. The neoconservatives in the "new" conservative party do harbour some pretty backwords ideas about women's role in society (as do several readers who saw fit to comment on the article). Are these idea's entirely without merit? No. Do they appeal to me? Not really. It it good to have discussion with points of view on both sides of an issue? Most certainly. Even within the conservative party, there are clearly divided views on this issue.

Anywho, I expected more mature discussions from Globe and Mail readers, and I'm quite disappointed that they've allowed stupid, inane comments to crowd out well crafted ones.



I'm Waiting for the snow to fall

I'm waiting for the snow to fall
In a si-ilent and graceful squall
And there in the storm
I'll be dressed so warm
The cold won't touch me

Think Depeche Mode's "I'm waiting for the night to fall" I don't think it deserves marks for originallity, but it wanted to be typed.

Yeah...winter comes this way. In the meantimes... its practically sweltering for least here it is.


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Liberal Leadership Race: Who will turn over the frosted leaf?

The news has been somewhat quieter than I would have thought on the leadership race of late, however, with the convention coming up this weekend, hopefully there will be more articles.

I've linked to the following Toronto Star article - since it agrees with my "anyone but ignatieff" stance. Although, it fails to mention Martha Hall Findley at all, who I think I would actually like to see do well. Rae - I've always liked him. I think he's smart and honest and level headed enough to beat Harper out in the next round. Dion (assuming that Hall-Findley really hasn't a chance at all) would easily be my second choice. Ignatieff doesn't seem like a good choice to differentiate the Liberal party from Harper's conservatives - he's too pro-war. There is a difference between supporting the efforts of our own military and supporting Bush's mishap and misinformed war policies.

A good read at any rate.

Off to FRT!!

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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Gravel Pit in the Mist

Here is a view from the Rattlesnake Point Bluff of on of the many gravel pits in the area.

At least you don't see city in the backround.

Gabe is listening to some goofy 90's music... Venga Boys or ATC.

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Hairy Plant at Rattesnake

Its a homework Saturday night. Well, Gabe is working away and I'm playing with my blog at the momment.

I'm trying to think of what I want to say at my uncles burial. So far, I chickened out at speaking at his funeral.

I can't believe that it is almost December. I went to the Huttonville Craftshow. It was pretty decent. They had a lot of antiques, which I admit don't generally excite me, but they had some neat work - nothing that I needed or wanted, but it was fun to look.

Anywho. I'd better get back to what I should be doing.


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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Mhar's Random Book Quiz

What Kind of Reader Are You?
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Revenge of Blogger

Well, I'm glad I finally got the poems that when with the picture below posted. Blogger ate them not once, but twice and the second time I know I pressed publish and not discard. Sadly there is no way to recover posts from Picasa - if something goes wrong - its just gone, and I might have thought to copy and paste my text the 2nd time, if I hadn't blamed myself for losing it the first time. So, I'm not even going to try and salvage the content... I'm going to get back to designing a stilling basin for my imaginary damn....

Do, if you get a chance, listen to the song "Mad World". Its really pretty.

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Introspective Fog

May the mist haunt you
Tendrils of beauty unfurled
Unbetrayed edges

Introspective fog
Cloaking blunt visions of facts
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Winding Road

Eek. I just wrote this really neat post and I think I might have pressed discard rather than publish - at least I don't see it...


Sometimes blogger does weird things.... :(

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Hiking in Ontario: The Bruce Trail

Here is the other picture that I tried to post this morning, but got eaten by blogger.

I took about half of the pictures just outside of Rattlesnake Park in Halton. I also took a few on the bluffs. I did miss getting a picture of the raptor (buff and white - didn't get a great look at it - maybe a hawk or an eagle - pretty big at any rate) that flew away as I turned around from taking some close ups near the ground.

I also had some problems with settings that caused me to screw up a decent shot of a chipmunk on a mossy log. But I did get quite a few pretty pictures of the escarpment and frost edged vegetation. I don't think I realized how dominant Red Oak are up there.

I ran into some neat people (older folks - possibly retired - hard to tell, they didn't look too old) who meet and go hiking 3 times a week in Southern Ontario. We had a nice chat and he recomended a few places to try out. I told him about Awenda. I do still have a long way before I make my pass worthwhile. Hopefully, I'll have a few more weekends that I can get away with hiking or cross country skiing.


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Here is hopefully an entire mouldering leaf

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Sillhouette Shadows photograph

Here is the photo that should have gone with the first post today. Posted by Picasa

Shadow Dancing

Trying to take a picture of your own shadow is harder than you'd think. There is the balance aspect and then there is the contrast aspect. However, I did manage this photo without getting run over or dropping my camera.

Now. Lets see if Blogger can post the picture for everyone to see.

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Moldering Leaf

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Happy Bloggaversary to Me

I was just checking in my Archieves today to see when I wrote my first post and it turns out that today is my bloggaversary (at least for this blog). In actual fact, my msn space is older and still sort of being used.

I'm also approaching another milestone - the 5000 hit mark which I expect to make in Early December. Of course, the counter isn't quite accurate, as it missed the hits predating its installation and I think it was also accidently reset at some point. Oh yeah, and probably half of those hits are me, checking, fixing or using my links, rather than real hits. Still, a mile stone is a milestone and I thank all of you who actually read my blog regularly (and random drop ins) for helping me get there. As I write this, I must admit my current frustration with blogger as I don't appear to be able to post pictures. Click on the boxes and you usually get the big size picture..but it is a bit of a drag.

Sigh - I'll celebrate anyways and hope that they get it working sometime today.


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Crisp November Morning Sillhouette

After months of dreary, rainy days, today was a perfect crisp sunny day of frosted yellow grass and foggy sillhouettes.

I tried to catch a bit of the sun on the way into Guelph so I slope to take a few pictures near Rattlesnake Point.

Milling tree shadows
Await the lifting of fog
To embrace light's warmth

Shifting fog billows
Cast mysterious aura
On ice-frosted fields

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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Monarch Caterpillar: Going Down

Some days I wish I had as many hands as that caterpiller and a few extra brains... duocore :D

So, another quick post with a picture scraped up from August in the Wilmot Creek area.

Today's Toronto Star link is to an article on aging water mains in the city of Toronto (The civil engineer in me couldn't help it).

The rest of the pictures that should have gone with the previous post - got eaten by blogger - I'll see what I can do about finding a wilded haired picture of me to post in the next few days... wouldn't want people thinking I was a dress girl as a child :D.

Back to designing imaginary dams.

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Monday, November 20, 2006

When we were young and dressed up...

Greetings as I type a quick post before heading to sleep. I found this trove of

ancient pictures and while I have no idea what made me chose a photo of me in a dress (its my birthday - thus the dress) with a doll in my arms no less I don't know. I guess it isn't exactly the me I remember. Probably, bare foot in a tree would be better, but someone brushed my hair before taking this - so it did look better than most of the rest with a tangled mop.

Well, here are a few more realistic ones. Good night


Mr. Twister - A tornado tree

A few notes:

1. The picture of Lake Kathleen was taken by one of my parents.

2. The tree in this picture clearly has some tics in its genetics, but I can't for the life of me remember the cause today.

3. A haiku
Snow grains cascading
Over smooth-curved surfaces
Dancing in circles

4. I can't believe its November already.

5. My goal is to excercise (aerobically) at least 20 minutes 5/7 days. I'll keep you posted on my sucess.

:D Better get the morning rolling.

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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Bloggers Having Trouble

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Lake Kathleen, Yukon

There are a zillion things to write about, and no time to write them. The weather's turned chilly and 2 random stories have lent me a frightening insight into just how human elephants are and how even I never thought to credit animals feeling like ours until reading this article and seeing a quick spot on a National Geographic show last night.

Aside from that, I've been busy with the 2nd part of my watershed design project and helping out at home. Right now, I wish I could take a bit of a nap, but I have much to do I fear and if I nap now I'll be wiped out all evening.


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Friday, November 17, 2006


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