Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Grade 10

Here are the guys in grade 9 (we were a year older) hanging out in the caf. Its funny, they look a bit different now, but its shocking how much they haven't changed a zillion years later.

This seems to be a theme for me this week. I guess scanning old photos will do this for you or running into old friends.

My best friend from grade school - who I first met in grade 2 when she sort of invited herself to my party. I'm not sure she actually came because I probably had a limit on the number of people could have, but she might have. I actually remember that party with Carrie and Penny and all of our cabbage patch kids and a couple of girls from the circle.

She's a mom now with an adorable 2 year old. (This being the girl that drove me crazy by teasing me about liking Eric Taylor) We had a really nice visit. My parents were glad to see her too.

Anywho, this is my post for tomorrow. I'll probably post again tomorrow night, but not during the day. The excitement for the next few weeks. . . glasses shopping.



P.S. There is a guest book for Andrew Desmond in the star. A place where people can share their condolances or memories with the family.

P.P.S. For those of you (Geoff) who still haven't done my Johari window. The link is still there on the page. The Johari window for those who don't know what I'm talking about is this cool sort of personality quiz type thing where you have to pick 6 words off a list of about 60 to describe yourself, then other people can come to your site and pick six words from the same list that they think describe you. Its a neat excercise in understanding how you are precieved by others compared to how you precieve yourself. Generally, its a self esteem booster, since most of the choices are positive. Posted by Picasa

Blind Revelations

The nostalgia continues. . .

Okay, here is the set of Blind Revelations circa April 1995. The silouette in the forground is our leader. She's one of those awesome crazy teachers who practically live at school doing extracuricular drama.

There are actually 3 locations visible. The actors are in the mad doctors study or some such place. I'm not sure where the kitchen (centre stage) was, but the fridge and shelves are full of cans that we labelled with generic "post apocalypse government" labels. The ingredients (which I believe I was entirely guilty for) contain things like eyes and frogs legs and rehydrogenated spamwhales or some such - not exactly appettizing stuff. That fridge was still in the lighting room 7 or 8 years later - heck it may still be there today. Memories of the lighting room... there is a sauce for the presidents choice folks. The last set - shaded in the darkness of a cross fade - is the isolation chamber/bedroom for the healthy post apopalyptic guinia pigs. Shamefully, I don't remember more of the story than that. Fun cast. Well written... oh and you have to be a bit careful of your speech in some lines though like "Mass starvation is killing us all" can sound an aweful lot like "Masturbation is killing us all" at least according to the judge.


I should get back to cleaning, cooking, reading and tidying.

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Drama Awards 1994

Here is another amusing picture from highschool.

Points of note:

1. I still wonder what happened to the goldenrod shirt that Erin is wearing. I always kind of hoped to inherit it, but I supect it wouldn't fit.

2. I'm third from the left with glasses and blond wavy hair. Hee hee. Some things do change - my hair is straight and brown nowadays.

3. The gentleman in the red christmas hat was another friend of mine - I have no idea what happened to him. He wrote a crazy one act play that I never got to see, but I think he ended up doing something normal like computer programming.


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The Good Old Days

Well, as a side project I've been trying to scan in some of my old pictures. Seeing as these nearly fill a halfsize rubbermaid container, it'll obviously take me a while. The gentlemen being strangled for the sake of the camera now has long hair, the gentlemen strangling had long hair the last time I saw him and a band called wildcard. That information is about 10 years old though. The third gentleman I have heard through the grape vine has just graduated at the top of the class at U of T Law school. Of the 3, I most expect to see him as the future prime minister of Canada. The red arm belongs to an artistic fellow who I haven't seen in 12 years or so. The picture is 16 years old and taken in grade 9.

So there you go... memories. I've been back to the school once or twice - it still looks remarkably the same.

Other than that, I'm putting around trying to get my room clean for Gabe's return and so I stop tripping over the stacks of sorted photos spread accross the floor and knocking over the ones on the desk. I'm still excited about being a student - which is good. Prolonged excitement is usually for real. My grade school best friend is also coming to visit with her family tonight. I haven't seen her in 8 years - so that'll be a treat. May seems to be the month of the reunion.

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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

And the sun rises in the East and Jenn is a student again

Well, its unofficially official - I'm a student again. I have at least progressed past my infatuation with the undergraduate degree and gone onto graduate school. Actually, truth be told I'm absolutely through the roof excited for a million reasons - not the least of which is that I've made a decision and I know what I will be doing more or less for the next 16 or so months. I suppose I should thank (blame) Pete Emerson for his inspiration and future advice, since I'll be playing in streams again this summer. I can only hope that I haven't been completely spoiled by the Mightly Little Main Restigoche. From my initial interaction, I'm pretty sure that I've been lucky to have an amazing supervisor who I think will be an inspiration as well.

Besides, I've always wanted to go to Guelph (even if spelling it is going to make me cross-eyed.) They have good rock climbing, awesome engineering jackets and a long history with various members of my family. So here goes - this is my new adventure and excuse to devour journal articles whole and play with computer software.

I can't post a picture - since I'm in the library and don't have access to my hardrive, but imagine me in business casual with a big grin on my face. :P



Sunday, May 28, 2006

Some things changes and some stay the same

"They came like raindrops against the stone towers of time, but in time, it is always the rain that prevails, not the towers."
The Fool in Robin Hobb's Royal Assassin.

I can't remember the context of this quote, but it is one of my favourites. It speaks of the inevitability of death and sadness with a tone of acceptance. So, I accept what I cannot change - which is part of one of the best bible quotes out there - feel sad and begin to understand why religion is so important to so many people. I've seen a lot of people this week that I never thought to see again - Ralph, Jamie B., Jenn T., Todd, Chrises G and S, John Paul and Jim. They've grown in some ways (height mostly) - yet only a few were unrecognizable and none of their personalities had changed greatly. After the funeral, we spent some time at the family's home - then people went dispersed, changed and went to the Muddy Moose to drink and Karyoke their tributes to Dez. It would have been a nice reunion, but I kept thinking that it would have been better if the one person absent was there. I would have like to say hi to him.

The photo above is another example of things changing - that farm used to be across the road from my house. The land is now a big subdivision with a neighbourhood shopping centre. Even the stop sign has long been replaced with traffic lights. I used to ice skate on the field over there and I have lots of sunrise photos. On the other hand, the sun still rises in the same place and the world keeps turning and heck, it looks like I may have another year of school ahead of me. So, then again - somethings do stay the same.

My best friend from grade school is in Ontario. I'm hoping to see her Tuesday night. Its hard to imagine her all grown up and with a kid, as I haven't seen her in about 9 years. We used to think boys were gross and look at us now. Gabe should be here in a week! I miss him terribly and can't wait to introduce him to everyone.

So there is the nuts and bolts of my life. I've been instructed to clean my room and after playing in the garden - I should probably go clean myself too. I have piles of pictures to scan before I see my desk again :P. I suppose I'll move them first - and start by scanning the highschool ones - my immediate goals.

Take care

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Friday, May 26, 2006

The Only Other Picture I Could Find

I searched through boxes of photos and this was all I could find. I might have some pictures that Mrs. LeRiche gave me from drama in an envelope that has some group shots of him. If anyone has any other pictures, I'd love a copy.

This was taken in June 1995 at Elora Gorge where we went hiking. It was a fun trip.

Erin and Joe are the other folks in the picture. I'll keep looking.

The funeral is today and I know that it is going to be rough. I guess you can wish things were otherwise, but some things are beyond anyones ability to change or control. I keep playing back scenes from when we hung out - he seems so vivid and real its hard to imagine him being otherwise. The funeral is at 420 Dundas (between Hurontario and Cawthra) at 2 pm today.

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Farewell to a Friend

Sometimes life takes turns that can only be described as unfair, leaving us shocked and saddened. Only a few others have impacted my life as much as Dez and I was hoping to say hello again this week, not goodbye forever. Andrew Desmond was killed with his girlfriend in a terrible motorcycle accident this Monday on their way home. My first real boyfriend, he saw my potential despite my highschool shyness, glasses and untameable hair. He believed in me when I wasn't sure whether to believe in myself and all these years later I'm glad for that gift.

I regret I didn't take more pictures of him. I always loved this one because it showed off his eyes. He had the sort of eyes that you could fall into, gaze into for hours. They were beautiful - blue and sparkling, incongrously angelic and mischievious. I still think of him every time I say "urf!". He had a quirky sense of humour and spoke a language of his own.

I used to watch him play hockey with his dad - a tangle of blond hair under a helmet. I named the tangle "Robert" and drove him nuts by occasionally asking Robert questions. I don't remember how we met. . . he just gradually appeared sometime in the corner of the school where I used to hang out and do my homework at lunch hour until I counted him a friend. He was the kid who brought in a filter when there was a solar eclipse and shared it with everyone. He asked me to dance 5 times at one school dance - I guess I should have guessed that he liked me. They were good days - the last year of highschool. We were a close-knit bunch drama groupies back when plaid and ripped jeans were high fashion and no one had email or msn. During Blind Revelations (A Sears Festival one-act play), I was the stage manager and Dez the assistant stage manager and somewhere along the line we ended up dating - such is high school drama. When I graduated and moved away to Thunder Bay, we gradually lost touch.

Farewell Andrew. I'm sorry I never got to hear you laugh again and more sorry that you won't have the chance to live out your life and dreams. Thank you for believing in me and seeing my strengths and for being my friend when I needed one most. I was always wary of saying the words "I love you" because saying them is like casting a spell and binding your soul forever to that person. Even though we've grown apart over the years and miles between us, I still love you and always will always keep a place for you in my heart. I hope that your path will continue on the other side - albeit with fewer bumps and turns. Journey safely with your good friend knowing that you'll both be missed.


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Andrew Desmond - 1995

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A Last Goodbye

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2003 - December

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Buckhorn Roadtrip

In other excitement, we went to Buckhorn to check out a display put on by a supercool artist - Tim Packer at the Gallery at the Lake. There was also a huge annual craft fair going on and a couple other neat spots. This picture is taken somewhere on the Trent Severn waterway, not far from the highway. The water was high and raging and didn't look warm either.

It was neat driving back roads and seeing parts of Ontario I haven't seen before and spending time with my family.

I finished the Davinci Code today. The second book since the end of school. Never underestimate the time unpacking, job hunting, sorting, moving furniture and hanging out with your family will take. I still haven't gotten my own paints out yet. As for the book, well, it suffered from way too much hype. I actually liked Angels and Demons (the other Dan Brown book better). Overall, they were both sort of okay. I enjoyed reading them, but it was not so great that I'd recomend it to all my closest friends. They'd be great for a long bus ride and I like that the author had lots of short chapters. It was hard to put down owing to good pacing and suspense and there were lots of neat factoids and ideas. Yet - it lacked the kind of depth and character-catharsis that leaves the reader with a lasting fondness for the character. My suggestion - Read Robin Hobb if you haven't already. Her assassin's apprentice series are where you should start, and I've met few people who have not gotten all the way through the first 9 books, that read the first 3. I'm stalling reading her next book, which has been out since October until the second book comes out this September. I might try and stall a bit more - until the third one is in reach, but I might not be able to hold out that long.


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Victoria Day Fireworks

Well, hours ago in the small park near my house - local neighbours put together an impressive show of fireworks. Although, it was almost cooler to see how they drew the neighbours together - gathering in the small park.

There were a few moments when the fireworks display raised eyebrows. One firework - a dragon something - tipped over and shot roman candle-like projectiles scittering across the grass and road. A second firework misfired and blew up near ground level showering the crowd with sparks. Otherwise, kids and adults alike enjoyed the display and strangers gathered at the edge of the crowd. I was surprised by the number of displays nearby - at least 5 including the one in front of me were within visual range and probably more with in hearing range, but echoes made it hard to tell where.

:D Enjoy the pics. The fireworks setting on my camera has a long exposure time and doesn't actaully do a great job of shooting fireworks. Its hard to hold your hands still especially when it is so cold. So, sometimes you can see what looks like a firework, but is really a nearby lamp post.

I never managed to see Jason this week... which is too bad, since he may be gone for some time. However, having been in his situation many times, I can understand how hard it is to pack everyone into your few days of holiday.


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Bang - Kaboom

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Ghostly Trails

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The Girlie Firecracker

All of the fireworks that did not gain great height were referred to by the crowd as girlie firecrackers. I'm not sure this was an ideal message to send - but this last one did impress even the men with how long it lasted. Posted by Picasa


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Last Call

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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Measles for Maples

Cards with my brother was fun last night. I was introduced to the game "Settlers of Catan" (no garentee on the spelling) It is my new favourite board game and I can't wait until Gabe gets here so he can learn it too.

It was too wet and cold to do the gardening we wanted to do, so we cleaned the house instead. I've also made some inroads into The Davinci Code. Thats all for now.

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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Apologies and other missing info

A couple thoughts... First, the series of posts that I made yesterday are missing a text explaination that mysteriously didn't managed to get posted. Well, I'm not sure why, but I'm not surprised since Blogger did register an error when I posted, but I thought it was okay since the picture appeared. I think my comments have been the victem of some spamming - thus I've given in and switched on the word verification security thing that keeps computers from posting inane comments on my blog that link to poker and gambling sites. I'll try and depost them later, but right now I'm heading to my brother's for cards and I won't keep him waiting to figure out how.

As for the missing text - again - I'll have to edit it back in later. But All of the shots were taken on a bike ride that was aimed at getting a gym membership and taking pictures of stormwater infrastructure and swales. (although there seem to be an awful lot of bird and tree pictures in the 264 shots.)

The first (last in the series) is a female redwinged-blackbird - thus the comment on the next picture about her boyfriend :D who didn't appreciate my watching and shotting pictures and told me off quite vocally.

Alright, gotta go... more later.




Friday, May 19, 2006

Duck, Duck ..... Goose

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Duck Duck.... Duck - The geese are on the barrier between the forbay and the main pond

Here is a mallard duck giving me the evil eye. Posted by Picasa

Alert and ready to march

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Beware the Watchful Boyfriend

Here is a male Redwinged-blackbird. The name makes a bit more sense in his case. They have a neat, but loud call.

Of course, since my posts will be in chronological order, my blog is going to be a bit backward.

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The Nature of Things

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